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UVA Cancer Center - Dr. Thomas Loughran, MD

UVA Cancer Center: A Cancer Nurse's Story

A UVA Cancer Center RN talks about her patients, her work and how a post-it note brightened her day.

UVA Cancer Center - Cancer Care Coordinator Storybook

From the UVA Storybook Campaign

Mary Discusses her Cancer Treatment at UVA's Cancer Center

In 2007, Mary was diagnosed with Stage III ovarian cancer and needed treatment options. As the region's only NCI-designated cancer center, UVA offers comprehensive cancer detection and treatment therapies that others may not.

A Comprehensive Team Approach for Better Cancer Care at UVA

The UVA Cancer Center, one of 68 designated cancer centers by the National Cancer Institute, has created a team approach to provide quality care for patients of cancer and conduct more in-depth research on the disease and treatment. The team has taken a multidisciplinary approach .

UVA Health System Breast Center: Breast Cancer Screening, Detection and Treatment at UVA

The UVA Breast Care Program offers advanced breast cancer screening options including digital mammography, tomosynthesis, breast MRI and breast specific gamma imaging (BSGI). The program also offers breast cancer patients surgical services, cancer support services and post-surgery support and care.

UVA Mammography Project: Shaping the Future of Breast Cancer Screening

UVA Mammography Project researchers hope to increase the ability to predict a woman's risk for breast cancer based on her breast density. The research, led by UVA radiologist, Jennifer Harvey, MD, aims to help create a risk model that personalizes breast cancer screening recommendations. Current mammography screening guidelines are the same for all women over the age of 40. But we know that all women aren't the same: Different women have different risk factors for breast cancer, including family history and breast density.

Patient Stories

UVA Cancer Center: Frances and Charlie Berry Beat Lung Cancer Together

Frances and Charlie Berry met as teenagers. They fell in love, married, and had a family of their own. For years the couple worked in their own auto body shop. When they were both diagnosed with lung cancer, just months apart, they were referred to the UVA Cancer Center. Dr. Kozower and his team helped treat each of them individually and today the couple is awaiting their 51st wedding anniversary.

Jim Bryant's Story of Mantle Cell Lymphoma and a Life-Saving Clinical Trial

Jim Bryant loves to fish. He and his wife, Meg, live on Lake Anna in Mineral, VA. After being diagnosed with Mantle Cell Lymphoma and being told he had 3-5 years to live, Jim enrolled in a clinical trial at the UVA Cancer Center that helped to save his life.

Larry Sabato: How the High-Risk Pancreatic Cancer Clinic Helps Those at Increased Risk for Cancer

Larry Sabato, a UVA professor and director of the Center for Politics, talks about his father's battle with pancreatic cancer, his own experience at UVA's High-Risk Pancreatic Cancer Clinic and the importance of being proactive. Learn more At UVA's High-Risk Pancreatic Cancer Clinic, a team of doctors, nurses, researchers and imaging experts are all working to identify those at increased risk and provide careful monitoring and screening. When pancreatic cancer is detected early, surgery may still me an option. Learn more about the clinic Risk factors for pancreatic cancer include pancreatic cystic lesions, a family history of pancreatic cancer, chronic pancreatitis, familial pancreatitis and certain modifiable risk factors.

Meet our Doctors

Meet UVA Health System Breast Cancer Surgeon, Dr. Shayna Showalter

Shayna Showalter, MD, is a breast surgical oncologist. She treats patients with breast cancer at the UVA Cancer Center in Charlottesville, VA.

Meet UVA Hematologist/Oncologist, Dr. Christiana Brenin

Christiana Brenin, MD, is a hematologist/oncologist at University of Virginia. Dr. Brenin specializes in the treatment of breast cancer and colorectal cancer.

Meet UVA Cancer Center Hematologist & Oncologist, Dr. Hillary Maitland

Hillary Maitland, MD, is part of the only benign hematology team in Virginia. She treats patients with blood clots, anemia and low blood counts.

Meet UVA Gynecologic Oncologist, Dr. Susan Modesitt

Susan Modesitt, MD, is a gynecologic oncologist at UVA Medical Center in the Emily Couric Clinical Cancer Center. Dr. Modesitt specializes in treatment for high-risk breast and ovarian cancer.

Meet UVA Medical Oncologist, Dr. Ryan Gentzler

Ryan Gentzler is a hemotologist/oncologist at The University of Virginia Cancer Center. Dr. Gentzler clinical focus is the treatment of patients with lung cancer and other thoracic malignancies. He also treats patients with esophageal cancer and cancers of the head and neck.

Meet UVA Hematologist & Oncologist, Dr. Robert Dreicer

Richard Dreicer, MD, is a hematologist and oncologist at UVA Medical Center in the Emily Couric Clinical Cancer Center. Dr. Dreicer's research interests are in novel therapeutic approaches for urologic cancers including prostate, urothelial and kidney cancers.

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